Visualizing Science: Collaborative data visualization in virtual worlds

Post by Rajiv Khadka

Collaboration between researchers and scientists across different type of visualization platforms is essential for increasing the effectiveness of scientific workflow to understand and discover novel pieces of information.

​However, effective collaboration for data visualization across different geographical location is still a challenging problem. Researchers are limited with the availability of the display/interactive systems, using multiple types of visualization while being in different geographical locations.

For the videos in this blog post, my intended audience is the general public. I have used video and animation tools to communicate a problem that is commonly faced by a researcher or any other interested users to collaborate their work across different locations for collaborative data visualization and solution to this problem.

I have used a free online website ( to design and create video animations. The idea behind creating this video animation was to incorporate a storytelling method providing a scenario so, that any users can relate to this situation.

​I have used a consistent color combination and fonts so that it would be easier for an audience to follow each frame. Furthermore, I have tried to balance the duration of time for each frame such that it would be easier to read and grasp the information that I am trying to communicate to the reader.

In the next iteration of this video, I would like to incorporate how the solution was achieved in more technical detail, such that audiences whose expertise ranges from low to high can understand and get benefits from it. I also want to add more motion sketches to the video so that it would be fun and enjoyable. Furthermore, I am planning to add audio narration so that it would be more relatable, and I could provide more detail information accordingly.

Khadka, R., Money, J. H., & Banic, A. (2018, July). Evaluation of Scientific Workflow Effectiveness for a Distributed Multi-User Multi-Platform Support System for Collaborative Visualization. In Proceedings of the Practice and Experience on Advanced Research Computing (p. 61). ACM.

If you are interested to use this software or collaborate with us for immersive data visualization you can reach me at:

Email: khadka dot rajiv at gmail dot com


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