Energy Science + Art Connections

Energy Resources Students Interpret UWyo Art Museum

Click on an image below to listen to our energy-related interpretations of a selection of University of Wyoming Art Museum artworks. Each audio guide is 1-1.5 minutes long, and there is one audio guide per individual artwork.

Jared Adams on energy transformations in the West

Jacob Oleyar on energy access and inequality

Emily Bailey on oil pastels & oil spills

Craig Christianson on layering dyes for photo printing

Ana Haney on sedimentation and watershed changes

Dakota Lucht on energy and personal identity

Jake Forkner on photosynthesis as a photography technique

Kevin Shaffer on the role electricity played in leisure and equality


NOTE: Each audio guide was written and and originally recorded by the student who conducted research on that piece’s relationship to energy. These recordings were accessible, via the UW Art Museum’s audio guide system, through the end of the Spring 2017 semester.

​Images are displayed by permission of the UW Art Museum.